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Assisted Living

Capella is an invitation to live life of dignity with focus on wellbeing of the seniors. Seniors deserve something special for the hard work done all their lives. It is the best option when you can no longer manage daily living in your own home or with family members. Also an option to recuperate to take on personal challenges or simply avoid stressful urban living.

Senior Home Care kl

Bungalow Facilities

We celebrate life at Capella. Seniors live in tastefully furnished fully air-conditioned bungalows with a relaxed and hygienic homelike environment that is uplifting to the spirit. Low density of 5-6 seniors in a bungalow ensures a balance between social and privacy needs. The staff is qualified and trained to nursing standards to ensure disciplined care and earn the trust of seniors.

24 Hour Care


24 Hour Care, Medication management, Daily assisted living, Daily physiotherapy and exercise, Doctor’s check -up weekly, Caregiver calling system,  CCTV for remote monitoring, Special nursing needs,  Emergency handling.

Nutritious home cooked meals, Housekeeping & laundry, Entertainment and social activities, Assistance for doctor visits and other appointments.

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